Spitfire – Wheels FORMULA FOUR “CLASSIC 99DU” mint – 52MM

Spitfire – Wheels FORMULA FOUR “CLASSIC 99DU” mint – 52MM

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Spitfire – Wheels FORMULA FOUR “CLASSIC 99DU” mint – 52MM

Formula Four Performance Urethane
Formulated for a harder-faster ride
Unmatched flatspot resistance
Smooth anti-stick slide
More speed and control
100% True performane urethane

TRUE UNBEATABLE LASTING PERFORMANCE URETHANE In our labs and most importantly in the streets tested by Spitfire Team riders, Formula Four Performance Urethane lasted longer, withstood more abuse and performed superior to all other wheels. Spitfire Formula Four Urethane was developed to combine all the desired properties of a performance wheel without sacrificing any one attribute at the expense of another. Formula Four’s True lasting Performance Urethane comes not from a single benefit, but from a combination of qualities and features that together produce a truly great wheel. LONGER LASTING- HOLDS SIZE AND SHAPE LONGER Formula Four Performance Urethane is unlike any other.

Both in the streets and under high-speed stress tests in our lab, Formula Four Wheels retained more material, coned less and kept their original shapes and sizes longer than any other wheel. UNMATCHED ABRASION RESISTANCE – FEWER FLAT SPOTS Formula Four Urethane is made using a 100% pure urethane compound. On the hills, in the streets & parks, and in forced flat spot testing in our lab, Formula Four wheels out-performed and resisted flat spots longer with less wear than all other wheels.

LASTING SPEED EVERYWHERE Formula Four’s exclusive combination of High Rebound and Hard Duro produces a faster wheel everywhere. Higher rebound for faster speeds over rough and smooth surfaces. Hard Duro for a harder, faster ride that won’t mush out over time. SMOOTH ANTI-STICK SLIDE – MORE CONTROLLABLE GRIP Formula Four’s exclusive anti-stick slide gives a fast/consistent, smooth slide all the way through. Slide with confidence start to finish knowing your wheels won’t skip or catch mid-slide. Formula Four gives you the highest level of control and consistent grip you can count on. Made in the U.S.A BURN FOUR-EVER –

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