Sector 9 Natasha Downhill Division 40

Sector 9 Natasha Downhill Division 40

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Natasha är en skönhet från Sector 9 som är utformad för att klara ordentlig freeride med höga hastigheter och bra kontroll. Förutom att brädan är vrålsnygg kommer den också med sköna Gullwingtruckar och ljuvliga downhillhjul.

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Are you looking for a thick longboard with a great amount of concave and that is designed to help experienced riders take it to the next level as they are bombing down extremely large hills? Then the Sector 9 Natasha Downhill Division 40 is the lady for you.

Just a quick look at the top grip shows you that this board is designed for some serious downhill riding. In large letters across the top, the words ‘downhill division’ are artistically displayed.

When you look at the top of the board, you see that is covered in a very gritty top grip. And you will also notice that the board itself has a serious concave.

All of these things are designed to help an experienced rider keep themselves on the board as they are careening down the large hills in their area and sliding around those monster turns.

We’re going to be honest with you, when you get this board in your hand, all you’re going to want to do is find the biggest hill in your area and put it to the test.

You are going to slide if you need to slow down, you are going to rip around those corners, and you are going to want to put this board through its paces. And believe us when we tell you, Natasha is more than up for the task.

Some of the features that allow this board to respond so beautifully to you as a rider is the fact that it is 40 inches long. Its length is going to add to its stability. Take the boards length and combine it with the drop through 10 inch Gullwing top mounted trucks, and you realize that you are in for a serious ride.amazon button

Anyone who is worried that the Sector 9 Natasha Downhill Division 40 will not be able to support their weight can put these fears aside. The board is made from 8 plies of hardwood Canadian Maple.

The board is then fully dipped in paint so that you cannot see any of the plies. It is extremely strong, sturdy and able to handle whatever you can dish out

This board is equipped with 70 mm 78a offset race formula wheels. The wheel design is perfect for anyone who is looking to attain maximum speed while at the same time maintaining control of their board.

These wheels have been made to allow you to get a good grip on the ground. However, if you really want to push off the board and get that thing sliding, she will respond in kind. The ABEC-5 bearings that are used guarantee that you will have a smooth ride while exerting the minimal amount of energy.


If we were to describe the Sector 9 Natasha Downhill Division 40 in one word we would say- Awesome! It is the perfect downhill board for anyone who really wants to test what they are made of. Push the Natasha to her limits, and you can guarantee that she will never let you down.

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