REKD Status Gloves Black

REKD Status Gloves Black


REKD bjuder på en snygg och smidig skyddshandske som inte bara ger bra skydd utan också bra grepp. Greppa styret, fjärrkontrollen eller något annat samtidigt som du skyddar dig bättre mot skrapsår. Bra ventilation så du slipper få svamp mellan fingrarna dessutom så är de touch screen-anpassade så du slipper ta av dig handskarna när du ska använda telefonen. Se så unna dig ett par nu.

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REKD bjuder på en snygg och smidig skyddshandske som inte bara ger bra skydd utan också bra grepp. Så vare sig du behöver greppa ett styre, eller kanske en fjärrkontroll till din elbräda så har du en bra lösning på handen. Passformen är skön och slimmad så du slipper ha massa konstiga sömmar och tyg fladdrandes.

Handskarna är ventilerade skönt så du slipper få svamp mellan fingrarna. Dessutom så har du möjligheten att sköta telefonen medan handskarna är på eftersom de är gjorda för att klara touch screen. En skön grej som förenklar vardagen.

Status Gloves | Product Breakdown

Take an in-depth look at our Status gloves with this comprehensive product breakdown, illustrating the top specification points that feature on these super comfortable, multi-sport gloves.

Gloves are an essential part of a lot of extreme sports, whether you’re shredding your local park on a BMX or scooter, or tearing down some trails on your MTB, wearing gloves gives you that added grip and protection to push your limits even further.

So what key features do our Status gloves have that put them and you in front of the competition?



Wearing the correct fitting gloves plays a huge part in giving you that added confidence. Too tight and your hands feel restricted, too loose and you’ll feel the movement on your grips. We’ve taken the time to ensure our gloves fit the best they can. They feature flexible Lycra Finger Skirting, allowing the material to gently conform to the individual shape of your fingers. This material also creases extremely well, meaning it doesn’t fold up on the knuckles when you’re holding your grip.

Don’t just take our word for it, team rider Travis Spencer doesn’t leave the house without them: “Seriously the best gloves I’ve ever worn, they’re incredible!”



Wearing gloves shouldn’t feel like a burden, they should be comfortable, safe and secure. Our Status gloves feature elasticated Terelyne material that covers the full back area. Terelyne is a super flexible material, alloying the gloves to conform to the unique shape of your hand and knuckles. This added flexibility keeps the gloves stay snug to your hands like a second skin, offering an extremely comfortable feel.

In fact, all of the materials we use for our Status gloves are lightweight and flexible, creating what we and the team believe to be one of the most comfortable gloves on the market. Weighing just 65g for XL, you’ll barely even notice you’re wearing them.

Sweat Absortion

We know first-hand what it’s like to be mid-run when a dreaded sweat drip falls down your brow and into your eyes. It’s awful, completely off putting and potentially very dangerous. We’ve added sweat absorbing micro-fibre material on the side and back of the thumb area, to help tackle this very issue. Most other gloves don’t have this, meaning that sweat gets pushed around and could make things worse. With our Status gloves, you can absorb most of that liquid with a quick simple wipe, meaning you can keep on pushing through that run without any unwanted distractions.


Touch Screen Capability

This isn’t 2010 anymore, touch screen capability is essential, no one wants to take off their gloves mid-session to get on social media. With our Status gloves, we don’t need to add thumb and finger tips to make them work on your phone, the whole palm area is covered in touch screen friendly micro fibre material.

You can scroll with your thumb, swipe with any finger and even answer calls with your palm (if that’s what you’re into!), meaning you’re never left behind in the social world. Don’t forget to follow us! @rekdprotection #rekdprotection



On top of all the premium specs, our Status gloves feature some awesome details to complete the look and offer that high quality finish. We’ve added subtle detailing on the back and finger, sticking to our renowned branding and style. There’s also a micro-injected logo securing tab which not only gives a premium look and feel, it offers a longer lasting solution to material tabs that can fray and distress easily. We’ve also included elasticated neoprene wrist bands to keep the gloves securely in place and vent holes on each finger to keep your hands cool and ready to ride.

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