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Velkommen til din nye skatebutikk

At last we’re finally open for business to Norway. We have had a lot of request for orders from Norway over the past years. But now we’re finally ready to greet you guys.

Boardlife release Norway 2019

Automatic currency and checkout detection

To make our user experience run even smoother we’re using an automatic currency selection depending on your country. This function is needed in order to select the correct currency, checkout and shipping calculations. Please advise that if you are using a proxy solution to browse this setting may be corrupt and we may not be able to process your order if the wrong checkout is used for your country.

It’s also necessary in order to remove the tax from your order. All orders outside EU are sold excluding VAT and you will be charged the 25% later from the Norwegian Toll.


For non-EU countries just like Norway we are selling everything without Norsk moms. You will be asked to pay Norsk moms (25%) before it is delivered to your post office.

Wide selection of brands

Boardlife is a core shop for skate and longboard and today we have one of the widest selections of brands in Scandinavia.

Your personal skate geeks

At Boardlife we’re all passionate geeks when it comes to skateboarding. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or want some help. We’re here to help you.

Delivery time

We strive for quick handling of our orders. Delivery time could vary some depending on where you live. Our estimated delivery are between 4-7 days.

Shipping Costs

We’re using DHL Parcel Connect to ship your stuff over sea. I will be delivered to your nearest post office. Our shipping cost are around 270 NOK (depending on current exchange rate). If you are to order smaller things, go ahead and buy with your friends to split the shipping cost between you.

Payment with Klarna Checkout

As our customer you can select several options for payment. We’re using Klarna Checkout as our trusted partner. Use invoice, part payment, card or use your Klarna account to pay. All options are wired securely.

Review our terms

In order to process your first order, be sure to read our complete terms for Norway and other countries over here.


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