Cadillac Swingers 70mm/78A THC Slide Formula
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Cadillac Swingers 70mm/78A THC Slide Formula

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Been playing with your Sugar Mama for a little bit and want to try some variation? Ever thought about attending the Swinger’s Party?
Feel no guilt and look no further, with a couple of extra mm’s of ‘thane, a choice of a lil’ softer duro, and still the same stone-ground finish, you have more choice in what to ride with these babies.

Poured in the same THC slide urethane as the 81A Swingers, the 70mm/78A the Cadillac.
Swingers are made for busting out giant slides with ease. The 78A formula provides some extra grip for confidence at higher speeds. Stone-ground to slide smoothly right away, the Swingers wear evenly down to the high-performance hub. With a center-set hub and graphics.
printed on both sides, these wheels can be flipped to promote more even wear. Our team says freeriding on these wheels is like skating in ‘easy-mode’.

Width: 45.0mm
Durometer: 78a
Diameter: 70.0mm


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